Flight Training Grants

    Colorado Sport Aviation has developed the Berkman/Langen Memorial Fund in memory of two past friends of the fly-in. Herb Berkman and Terry Langen volunteered for many years with the event as announcers over the public address system keeping folks informed and entertained. Tragically, they lost their lives in a plane crash shortly after the 2007 event. Working with their families, CSA honors their commitment to volunteerism and love of aviation through these grants.

    It is CSA's mission to help make aviation accessible. Whether you are an existing private pilot looking to advance your ratings or looking to get into the sky for the first time, there is an opportunity for you. If you have the passion, desire and motivation and are lacking finances, tell us your story. Please review the different grant descriptions and apply for the one the best suits your individual situation. If you are not selected this year, check back in the future and feel free to apply again. We are looking for well rounded, community oriented individuals who are capable of completing the training for which they are applying for assistance.

    Online Application is available here. Good luck to all applicants.


    Civil Air Patrol Cadet Flight Training Grant – One $5000 grant.

    • Mitchell Award Winner or Higher
    • 14 to 16 years of age at some point during the calendar year
    • The cadet shall write and submit a 250 to 300 word essay explaining how this training fits their life plan
    • The cadet shall submit a brief list of other awards / honors / accomplishments (CAP & other)
    • The cadet’s squadron commander (senior) shall, upon reviewing the essay, submit a brief (sentence or two) character reference (why YOU feel your cadet deserves this award) and confirm that criteria has been met
    • The squadron commander shall also review cadet’s most recent report card and submit cadet’s current GPA. (GPA may be used as a tie-breaker).
    • Candidate must be present to win (or have a REALLY good excuse – distinguished dignitaries will make the presentation!)

    RMMA Advanced Rating Grant - One $3000 grant.

    Presented to a Colorado resident having a Private Pilot’s license and a current 3rd class Medical Certificate or higher. Recipient is currently working on advancing his/her rating through an accredited flight school at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (RMMA), Broomfield, Colorado.

    US Military Advanced Rating Grant – One $3000 grant.

    Presented to a Colorado resident having a US Military Honorable Discharge, a Private Pilot’s license and a current 2rd class Medical Certificate or higher. This grant will enable an individual wishing to, or in the process of, continuing their flight training beyond the rating of Private Pilot. The winning recipient can demonstrate the intention of acquiring a commercial/Instrument rating, future plans to pursue a professional career in fight and a financial hardship that is limiting the ability to do so.